Aeolus Aspirators

Aspirators, Scalper/Aspirators & Cascade Aspirators

Aeolus Aspirator

Aspiration or aerodynamic separation, usually called an aspirator, these machines are primarily used as pre-cleaners. The product passes across and airstream so particles that have a greater surface area and more resistance to the airstream are lifted and deposited in a separate location.

ArrowCorp Inc. manufactures nine different models of aspirators to suit your needs.

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Aspirator for Removal of Light Chaffy Material from Good Product Open or Closed Circuit Models up to 144” wide

The ArrowCorp Open Circuit Aspirator Model AS is a common machine normally incorporated in the front of a processing line. The “air wash” will remove the majority of light contaminants and discharge them in a separate location from the good product. The amount of air volume determines the percentage lifted. The width of the unit and accuracy of the separation required will determine the capacity that can be achieved. ArrowCorp manufacture units up to 120” (3.05m) wide for capacities in excess of 10,000 bph (270mt/h​).

The ArrowCorp Closed Circuit Aspirators do the same thing as the Open Circuit but incorporate integral fan(s) and recycle the air used to lift the chaff back to the front to be reused. It greatly reduces the amount of dust collection equipment required.

Aeolus Aspirator


Single 12” or 18” Scalping Reel with Aspiration Open or Closed Circuit Models up to 120” wide


Dual Scalping Reels for Highest Capacity Open or Closed Circuit Models up to 120” wide

Aeolus Dual Models are designed for high capacity applications such as a precleaner prior to drying or storage of agricultural commodites such as paddy rice, wheat, soybeans and corn. Dual scalping reels remove the majority of large oversized contaminants such as straw, lumps, stones and oversize material which may contaminate the incoming load. Full width aspiration provides an accurate winnowing for removal of light contaminants in one convenient package for easy installation.

​Aeolus II Dual Reel machines are designed to fit the same footprint and match the existing inlet and discharges of existing Carter-Day Scalperators. The larger secondary

Scalping Reel used on the Aeolus model allow higher capacity without the loss of good product over the reels. All Aeolus Models are available in either open or closed circuit orientations.

The only moving parts of the Aeolus are the fan (closed circuit models only), scalping reels and Air Lifting Screw conveyor. Without any shaking components there is no dynamic load associated to the operation of the Aeolus machines. Wear and impact points can be factory lined with a variety of material from AR Steel, Stainless Steel or Ceramic Tile. Minimal amount of moving components result in a simple robust design built for many years of trouble free service.


AEOLUS Z – (Cascade Aspirator)

Scalping Reels for Highest Capacity Open or Closed Circuit Models up to 120” wide

The ArrowCorp Cascade Aspirator incorporates 4 separate aspiration points within a single slender profile. Increased accuracy is obtained by subjecting the product to multiple air passes, and tumbling the product to present a new profile to the upward moving air stream. Cascade Aspirators are commonly used for removal of loose oat hulls from groats, sunflower nut meats from shells or as a final air/wash prior to packaging.

​The ArrowCorp Cascade Aspirator is available in widths up to 120” wide (3.05m) Cascade aspirators can be mounted back to back, increasing capacity within a very small foot print. The units can be cleaned out very easily with the removable panels, and can be fed with the provided manual feed valve or optional vibratory or powered feed roll.


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